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The services offered by White Tiger Kung Fu Schools are done in a simple, precise, easy to understand, and effective manner, making all who attend satisfied and eager to learn more. Our instructors teach in a pure traditional Bak Fu Pai Kung Fu system with the goal of improving speed and power and also increasing internal energy. This keeps the body in a healthy and flexible state. Our classes can benefit anyone and everyone, as they will not only improve your security when in danger but also makes your body fit, healthy, and strong.


Self-Defense Classes in San Diego

The foundations of the White Tiger Kung Fu system were mastered over 4 centuries ago, but we established our institution in the 1980s. We are one of the largest and most experienced training institutions in which to learn martial arts.  Our self-defense classes in San Diego incorporate lessons for adult, kids, and teenagers, leaving no age bracket unaccounted for. The trainers are passionate and dedicated, and they always teach in a manner that is easy to understand. This is just one of the many reasons why so many satisfied customers like being trained here. One of the main ways that people experience the Bak Fu Pai methodology is in our San Diego self-defense classes.

Self-Defense Training in Miramar

Our Miramar self-defense classes take place on Wednesday nights between 6 and 7 pm. The school is located in Miramar, 13 minutes ride from La Jolla or Mira Mesa. The self-defense training classes in Miramar also work on cardio and Chi Kung technique. Chi Kung technique is very important when fighting an enemy and is important to anyone studying Bak Fu Pai.


Self-Defense Training in Mira Mesa

Our instruction in Mira Mesa includes single and double dagger techniques. Our students are taught in a simple manner, ensuring that each person understands clearly before continuing with the next lesson. Our techniques include knife fighting, aimed at bringing down foes armed with a knife, and southern dagger skills, which aims at killing the enemy swiftly to avoid being defeated.

You need a self-defense instructor in Miramar who has the pedigree to get you to the next level. Each of our martial arts instructors in Miramar is very experienced. As they teach, they strive to improve their relationship with the trainees, and

they are always equipped with patience and compassion. Some of the instructors in White Tiger School are Grandmaster Doo Wai, Shi Gung Tom Rizzo, Sifu Anton Peterson, and Dennis Wood. Our Martial Arts academy in Miramar is one of the best places to learn martial arts for self-defense due to our committed trainers and their dedication to a job well done. Contact us today to find out more!

Modern Self Defense Classes