Motivation Monday!!

Prove them WRONG! How many times have you heard people say it cant be done? Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about why proving them wrong is amazing! This video is great because when you look at it from a kung fu perspective you are proving
to yourself that you can do it! You gain that confidence from working towards your goals and achieving them; small or large! In the past I have had a bad habit of not believing myself capable. Just recently I had broken both of my wrists
falling from a tree at my job. The road to recovery has been a fun one, lots of work getting my movement back as well as my strength. After the 3 month mark I kept telling myself my wrists weren’t strong enough to do push-ups. I kept believing
I couldn’t. Until one day I was told to prove myself wrong, push past my pre-ordained limits in my head. Kung Fu has a great way to make the impossible tasks seem very possible. Just through the fact of knowing you did it before in training,
You did it for yourself and no one else.

People have a funny way of placing their limits on others. Because they cant do it why should anyone else be able to? Prove them wrong. Show them what is possible through sheer force of will. Dig down, deep deep down and look who you want to be,
not what but who? Figure out for yourself what makes you happy, no matter how crazy it may sound to other people. You’re going to find the nay Sayers at every turn you make, don’t listen to them. Visualize your goal Know where you want to go
and trust yourself.

Motivation Monday!

Ever heard someone say they just woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day? Now think back to the times you had woken up on the wrong side. What did you do? or a better question what did you do to change how you started the day?
Did you wake up and tell yourself your going to “own today!”? or did you just let the waves of life keep crashing into you? What if you decided to say thank you instead? Thanks for everything that you have the love, health, prosperity.
For everything that has come and has yet to come. How would that have started your day. One of my favorite things to say is “I control how my day is going to be, nobody but me can deter my day from being so amazing”. We are the ones who
control how we respond to the day. So Smile! Laugh! Have an amazing day! Because amazing things don’t come to those who wait. Its there for you to take and make it your amazing day.

This is one of my favorite videos I watch when I’m feeling sluggish in the morning and having a rough time getting out of bed. Happy Motivation Monday!!