Be the Wilder Beast

When people say work out, everything immediately thinks gym. Kung Fu has feelings too! Kung Fu workouts are quite zesty to say the least. Although there are variances to our workout regimen, generally speaking we like to start with a supercharged cardiovascular workout to get the blood moving to make sure our heart is still beating and remind our lungs they are still on our payroll! Most of the time we also stagger in some static or anaerobic exercises. Some students like to think it is break time to catch their breath; however, the strategy is to change up the pace for your internal system while not letting up on the intensity. By keeping your mind guessing as to what is going to happen next and your body being slightly on edge without being able to fall into a holding pattern, this actually stimulates your metabolic rates, enhances your muscle tone in a shorter amount of time, increases your endurance, promoting a speedy time, and generate explosive power.

Obviously we are all not created equal. Some of us are more physically adept than other and everyone starts their kung fu journey at different points of their body; however, scaled appropriately, the results are same. The best way to describe it is like a cheetah who got a hold of some Wilder Beast milk. Have you have ever watched a nature show featuring cheetahs hunting? It is absolutely astonishing! From a dead stop, cheetahs can go from zero to their top speed of 65-75 miles per hours in just 4 seconds (explosive power) and hold that for 60-90 seconds depending on terrain and how much fuel they have (what we can consider strength and endurance). What is even more flabbergasting is their ability to turn on a dime without losing their stride, and in some cases be able to kick it up a notch (lateral speed/power). The wilder beast, on the other hand, can hit top speeds of 50 miles per hour in 7-9 seconds when they don’t want to be dinner and just need to maintain this for at least 90 seconds if they had a decent head start running from a cheetah, or for 5-7 minutes running from lions. Generally speaking though, they can Forest Gump jog it at 40 miles per hour and maintain that for hours everyday for 1800 miles during their yearly migration. Here at White Tiger, the mix of anaerobic and aerobic exercises allows us to cultivate both this explosive power at a high intense energy like the cheetah AND hold it for a longer duration like the Wilder Beast.

Why is this important? Pragmatically speaking, although the vast majority of our students don’t join for self defense, it is still a part of our program. If our charm and good looks don’t diffuse a situation, our physical capabilities hopefully can tip the scale of any potential altercation in our favor. The short bursts of energy, some timing, and proper body mechanics to channel our explosive power can lead to quite a bit of impact. Regardless if it’s a body check, a shove just to give us space, a strike to stun our opponent, or quick jerks to free ourselves from a grab, we can muster the power to do so from a dead stop. Repeatedly we might add. Worse case scenario, we also have the power to quickly flee the situation or endurance to outrun our friends…or aggressors. Bruce Lee would say something profound and philosophical at this point, “Be like water.” We leave you with these wise words, “Be the wilder beast and outlast the cheetah.”

Motivation Monday!!

Prove them WRONG! How many times have you heard people say it cant be done? Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about why proving them wrong is amazing! This video is great because when you look at it from a kung fu perspective you are proving
to yourself that you can do it! You gain that confidence from working towards your goals and achieving them; small or large! In the past I have had a bad habit of not believing myself capable. Just recently I had broken both of my wrists
falling from a tree at my job. The road to recovery has been a fun one, lots of work getting my movement back as well as my strength. After the 3 month mark I kept telling myself my wrists weren’t strong enough to do push-ups. I kept believing
I couldn’t. Until one day I was told to prove myself wrong, push past my pre-ordained limits in my head. Kung Fu has a great way to make the impossible tasks seem very possible. Just through the fact of knowing you did it before in training,
You did it for yourself and no one else.

People have a funny way of placing their limits on others. Because they cant do it why should anyone else be able to? Prove them wrong. Show them what is possible through sheer force of will. Dig down, deep deep down and look who you want to be,
not what but who? Figure out for yourself what makes you happy, no matter how crazy it may sound to other people. You’re going to find the nay Sayers at every turn you make, don’t listen to them. Visualize your goal Know where you want to go
and trust yourself.

Kung Fu Vs. Gym

Have you ever been to a gym and just looked around at other people working out and just feel you don’t want to be there? Or bought a gym membership and went once feeling all inspired and stopped after that one day. Feeling like people are judging you?
Doing the exercise wrong? With kung fu you don’t have to worry about any of that. At White Tiger we’re family environment meaning we have people of all ages training at their own levels. All of our instructors coach and guide you motivate you to do everything at your best!
You aren’t left feeling lost or out of place. Have you ever left the gym feeling inspired to go back the next day? After 1 kung fu class you’ll feel better more energized and pumped for the next class. Instead of having to self motivate yourself or pay
for a personal trainer at the gym. Do you Think a push-up is just a push-up? What if I told you that push-ups actually benefit your strikes making you able to strike faster. Which in turn helps with the ability of your reaction timing, You can now move faster
and react faster. This is just push-ups, imagine what other exercises can do for you. You might be saying “well gym’s have weights”. Yes they do. While training in kung fu we practice forms. These forms work better than any gym weight
by building explosiveness and endurance and strength. while working out your also learning how to be confident, aware, and your learning self defense at the same time. Doesn’t that sound amazing!
So let me re-iterate with kung fu you learn self defense, confidence, awareness, social development. and your working out making your reaction times faster, increasing your endurance and energy. Also motivational classes, instructors,
all under one roof. Versus a gym having to self motivate, feel awkward, teach yourself the workouts. Sounds kind of obvious when it placed that way.

Have you ever had a mistake feel like its looming over your head

You did 20 other things right and overlooked 1 small part and boom, you feel you haven’t done anything right. Don’t let your mistakes define who you are because everyone messes up;
It isn’t that you messed up it’s how you go about fixing that mistake. Think of what got you there to that particular moment. All your hard work and you let 1 mistake define who you are and how you feel. In Kung Fu Our goal is to be 1% better
than ourselves the day before. Not 5%, Not 20% just 1%. Why? because if you do 1% more everyday for 1 year. That’s 365% by the end of the year. All it takes is a smile and the knowledge that it will be ok.
Don’t let that mistake define you; let it refine you. Do that 1% better. If its more so be it. Improve through our mistakes. Show yourself that you are not a mistake! Let Kung Fu Guide you!

What does something mean to you?

People get asked that question everyday, most people will tell you of only the good times they have had and vice versa. some will tell you only the bad things. you never hear the real truth of what
a product does or doesn’t do. Kung Fu to me has been one heck of a journey. Neither good or bad; I have had my fair share of ups and downs. Now lets get to the question at hand: what does Kung Fu really mean to me?
At first it was a sorta outlet for my rough days at work and was physical enough that I never needed to join a gym. Over time and a year or two training. I really began to feel the reason why I trained. It.. Helped. Me.. The instructors and Sifu
helped me realize that the downs weren’t really downs at all. Just speed bumps that help you up to the next level. They showed me that my thoughts are key to my life. I CONTROL how MY day goes. Now as with everything this knowledge was learned
through sweat and tears; Ups and downs. I was told to smile constantly never giving a real explanation, just told to do it. Until one day I figured out why; it was all making sense to me. Why do I train? because when I look back at the scrawny
foul mouthed 23 year old who I was and compare my self to today. I realize how those ups and downs propelled me even further than I could’ve imagined. I surpassed more goals than I could’ve imagined. It was hard work and tons of moments I wanted
to throw in the towel; but the people I train with have become my family. I thought I was just learning how to kick and punch.. boy was I wrong the amount of coaching and guidance that was given to me helped in more ways than one.
Kung Fu roughly translates into hard work, now don’t let this fool you. Anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it. How hard would you be willing to train. What would you be training for? Self-defense? The confidence to know you can do
anything in life?

Motivation Monday!

Ever heard someone say they just woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day? Now think back to the times you had woken up on the wrong side. What did you do? or a better question what did you do to change how you started the day?
Did you wake up and tell yourself your going to “own today!”? or did you just let the waves of life keep crashing into you? What if you decided to say thank you instead? Thanks for everything that you have the love, health, prosperity.
For everything that has come and has yet to come. How would that have started your day. One of my favorite things to say is “I control how my day is going to be, nobody but me can deter my day from being so amazing”. We are the ones who
control how we respond to the day. So Smile! Laugh! Have an amazing day! Because amazing things don’t come to those who wait. Its there for you to take and make it your amazing day.

This is one of my favorite videos I watch when I’m feeling sluggish in the morning and having a rough time getting out of bed. Happy Motivation Monday!!

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

Have you ever had 20/20 hindsight? A “man I wish I would’ve taken this side street”. or I should’ve bought stocks with that company? You miss every chance you don’t take. I’m not saying to buy the
next ticket to Europe. Live life and have an experience. You don’t know what’s waiting around the next corner, it could be riches, new friends, a new set of skills, new job. Same goes for Kung Fu!
The white tiger System teaches you to see those opportunities. To grow and seek opportunities for yourself. Come down and try Kung Fu today, lets see what kind of person you are able to be with the chances you take!

“Whatever you are be a good one!” – Abraham Lincoln

“what ever you are be a good one”.. Now that’s just sound advice anywhere. When I hear that it make me realize that no matter what I choose. Aspire to be good at it. Even if
you dislike what you do. Trying your best will bring you opportunities you wouldn’t have imagined, it may even make you have fun. All for just being a good one. Don’t take my
word for it try it for yourself. See what happens when you make every day a good one!

“The future depends on what we do in the present” – Mahatma Ghandi

“If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?” – Steve Jobs

Through out life we are presented with opportunities; some for financial success and others for new jobs and promotions at your current job.
Our future depends on what we are willing to do and act upon in the now. Each opportunity requires you to take that leap of faith. The same aspect applies in Kung Fu
My future depends on what I do now! Is it endurance I’m looking for? Awareness? Sense of Security walking downtown at night? Or just overall happiness? The word Kung Fu roughly translates into hard work.
Depending on what you do right now will affect your future! Do you want to sit on the couch watching T.V. and hoping for something to make the change in life for you? Why not take the reigns instead!
See what you can accomplish in your future with the right guidance, motivation, and instruction and confidence!