Bak Fu Pai

White Tiger Kung Fu (traditionally known as Bak Fu Pai), is an ancient form of Kung Fu practiced by the Emperor’s personal bodyguards during the feudal era. The Doo family who practiced it spent nearly 400 years perfecting the art before it was believed to be lost in the 1800’s. It is widely considered to be among some of the most mysterious and effective of all martial arts in the world, and it has recently reemerged and is available to you. The grandmaster Doo Wai has permitted the public to learn Bak Fu Pai Kung Fu in San Diego.


Why Choose White Tiger Kung Fu?

White Tiger Kung Fu has a long tradition of being perhaps the most secretive of all martial arts. This means that the chance to train with a current White Tiger martial arts instructor in San Diego is a rare opportunity. No longer will you have to travel to China to receive authentic training. Prior to the generosity of the grandmaster, there havenever been White Tiger Kung Fu lessons in San Diego. It is a rare form which emphasizes a good work ethicand improves overall health. Anyone looking for Bak Fu Pai martial arts lessons in Miramar should seek out White Tiger Kung Fu.

The Next Step

At White Tiger Kung Fu, we seek to be the best martial academy in San Diego. “Authentic White Tiger Kung Fu” has an official Bak Fu Pai Kung Fu instructor in Miramar that is available to instruct you in this southern Chinese martial art. Walk-in registration allows you to immediately begin martial arts training in Miramar. If you are searching for martial arts lessons in San Diego, you will find that Authentic White Tiger Kung Fu is unparalleled. If you have any remaining questions about White Tiger martial arts, the benefits you can gain from it, or how you can sign up, email us at or call us at (858) 695 1640. We stand by our slogan of the proof being in the results and, if given the chance, we will be proud to have you join our growing family.