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White Tiger Kung Fu has been in existence for generations, going back to 400 years ago when the security forces protecting the then emperor were responsible for the emperor’s safety, including both his physical safety and his general health. The White Tiger system is known for its secretive, deadly, and mysterious techniques.White Tiger Kung Fu is no longer a secret, thanks to the certified instructors who established an institute for Kung Fu training in San Diego. Since the installation of the system of White Tiger Kung Fu training in Miramar, we have produced results through our growing list of happy students. We strive to teach the basic techniques as well as the more complex intricacies of White Tiger Kung Fu as we explore the art of the southern Chinese martial art.

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Our Mission

We are committed to providing reliable service and training of martial arts in San Diego in order to improve the lives of our students. One of the major things that have made us stand out from the rest of the martial arts schools in Mira Mesa is the fact that we don’t just focus on martial arts as a fighting style but as a way of improving one’s life. Our students learn discipline and hard work, they improve their physical and emotional health, and they see great results both physically and mentally after experiencing our instruction. Our clients are able to achieve their goals with the help of our most committed instructors.


Whether you’re new to martial arts and Kung Fu training and or you have been training for quite some time, if you are looking for a school that offers the best training for martial arts in Miramar, White Tiger Kung Fu has a number of programs that are just right for your needs. With the combination of both Kung Fu and other martial arts, our dedicated self-defense instructors in Mira Mesa will ensure that you not only learn Karate for self-defense but you are also able to release stress and improve your general health. Also, we seek to help our students to build strength and become as fit as possible. If you are ready to start Martial arts, Kung Fu training, or self-defense training in San Diego, , we invite you to enroll with us.


Promoting a Healthy Body and Mind Through Kung Fu