What does something mean to you?

People get asked that question everyday, most people will tell you of only the good times they have had and vice versa. some will tell you only the bad things. you never hear the real truth of what
a product does or doesn’t do. Kung Fu to me has been one heck of a journey. Neither good or bad; I have had my fair share of ups and downs. Now lets get to the question at hand: what does Kung Fu really mean to me?
At first it was a sorta outlet for my rough days at work and was physical enough that I never needed to join a gym. Over time and a year or two training. I really began to feel the reason why I trained. It.. Helped. Me.. The instructors and Sifu
helped me realize that the downs weren’t really downs at all. Just speed bumps that help you up to the next level. They showed me that my thoughts are key to my life. I CONTROL how MY day goes. Now as with everything this knowledge was learned
through sweat and tears; Ups and downs. I was told to smile constantly never giving a real explanation, just told to do it. Until one day I figured out why; it was all making sense to me. Why do I train? because when I look back at the scrawny
foul mouthed 23 year old who I was and compare my self to today. I realize how those ups and downs propelled me even further than I could’ve imagined. I surpassed more goals than I could’ve imagined. It was hard work and tons of moments I wanted
to throw in the towel; but the people I train with have become my family. I thought I was just learning how to kick and punch.. boy was I wrong the amount of coaching and guidance that was given to me helped in more ways than one.
Kung Fu roughly translates into hard work, now don’t let this fool you. Anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it. How hard would you be willing to train. What would you be training for? Self-defense? The confidence to know you can do
anything in life?

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