Kung Fu Vs. Gym

Have you ever been to a gym and just looked around at other people working out and just feel you don’t want to be there? Or bought a gym membership and went once feeling all inspired and stopped after that one day. Feeling like people are judging you?
Doing the exercise wrong? With kung fu you don’t have to worry about any of that. At White Tiger we’re family environment meaning we have people of all ages training at their own levels. All of our instructors coach and guide you motivate you to do everything at your best!
You aren’t left feeling lost or out of place. Have you ever left the gym feeling inspired to go back the next day? After 1 kung fu class you’ll feel better more energized and pumped for the next class. Instead of having to self motivate yourself or pay
for a personal trainer at the gym. Do you Think a push-up is just a push-up? What if I told you that push-ups actually benefit your strikes making you able to strike faster. Which in turn helps with the ability of your reaction timing, You can now move faster
and react faster. This is just push-ups, imagine what other exercises can do for you. You might be saying “well gym’s have weights”. Yes they do. While training in kung fu we practice forms. These forms work better than any gym weight
by building explosiveness and endurance and strength. while working out your also learning how to be confident, aware, and your learning self defense at the same time. Doesn’t that sound amazing!
So let me re-iterate with kung fu you learn self defense, confidence, awareness, social development. and your working out making your reaction times faster, increasing your endurance and energy. Also motivational classes, instructors,
all under one roof. Versus a gym having to self motivate, feel awkward, teach yourself the workouts. Sounds kind of obvious when it placed that way.

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