Have you ever had a mistake feel like its looming over your head

You did 20 other things right and overlooked 1 small part and boom, you feel you haven’t done anything right. Don’t let your mistakes define who you are because everyone messes up;
It isn’t that you messed up it’s how you go about fixing that mistake. Think of what got you there to that particular moment. All your hard work and you let 1 mistake define who you are and how you feel. In Kung Fu Our goal is to be 1% better
than ourselves the day before. Not 5%, Not 20% just 1%. Why? because if you do 1% more everyday for 1 year. That’s 365% by the end of the year. All it takes is a smile and the knowledge that it will be ok.
Don’t let that mistake define you; let it refine you. Do that 1% better. If its more so be it. Improve through our mistakes. Show yourself that you are not a mistake! Let Kung Fu Guide you!

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