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Not everyone knows that there are so many variations of martial arts. Most people are familiar with popular ones like Karate, Kung Fu, Judo and the like. But as a matter of fact, there are a lot of traditional Kung Fu varieties from its origin, China. One of them is known as Bak Fu Pai, which in Cantonese means white tiger.

Originating from Southern China, White Tiger Kung Fu is a form oftraditional Kung Fu in San Diego. The generosity of our grandmaster Doo Wai provides the public with one of the best martial arts fitness programs in Miramar, because of its unique movements and connectivity to whole body and mind health, which can be very effective.

Just like other martial arts schools in San Diego, White Tiger Kung Fu is not meant for people who tend to use it for conducting any crime or harmful activity. On the other hand, White Tiger Kung Fu reveals different aspects that no other martial arts schools in Miramar can conduct.

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This self-defense technique has unique features which have been passed down for more than 400 years now. White Tiger Kung Fu was passed down through families which served Chinese Emperors, so they became the most trustworthy defenders for the kingdom.
Fortunately, some ancestors of the original emperor security team have maintained this extraordinary self-defense technique so they could teach their heirs. This is what our instructors at White Tiger Kung Fu now pass on to our students throughout Kung Fu lessons in Miramar. This style is not only good for self-defense, but also for overall well-being. We take pride in only giving you the best Kung Fu instructors in San Diego as all our instructors here are highly trained and certified. They aren’t just teaching self-defense classes in Miramar, but they can also provide several insights into increasing physical and emotional health for all participants.

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Our website boasts several testimonials from participants of White Tiger Kung Fu who have enjoyed the vast benefits of partaking in Kung Fu and self-defense classes regularly. The results of our programs that are based on the knowledge of grandmasters past and present will speak for themselves. Join White Tiger Kung Fu today!

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I feel amazing!

Before I started White Tiger Kung Fu, I was a flower. My family had a history of heart conditions and I had developed palpitations about 5 years ago. This prevented me from doing any aerobic exercise. I started Kung Fu in the women's program, mainly for self defense. But with the regular physical activity combined with the teas, herbs and tonics, I've become more athletic than I've ever been. I no longer take ``western medicine``for my palpitations and I no longer have any trouble keeping up in the regular program with the other students. I feel amazing!

Trinni Luong-Schreier

****Since I have joined Kung Fu I have had an amazing journey. I used to work at a grocery store, boring to say the least; and no where for me to grow or live freely. I was one day presented with an opportunity to try a new job,
something I had never heard of. Bee removal? really? I went out and gave it a try and loved it. Who knew I would get the chance and fun of working with my hands and doing something to help the environment.****

Bruise subsided within 24 hours!

I purchased this oil about a year ago for a injury to my ankle from White Tiger Kung Fu called 18 Lohon. The oil helped with the pain and swelling and I was amazed with the results. Recently I broke a blood vessel in my hand, which resulted with a swollen lump and bruising around my hand. 3 days later, the pain and swelling intensified and then I remembered about the Rubbing oil and started using it on my hand. Within 24 hours hours the swellng subsided and the bruising showed considerable improvement.

Barbara P.

Why Kung Fu? Why not? Have you ever wondered why martial arts is still around? Because of what it teaches. Kung Fu helps with building your confidence, reaction, awareness and some many other things to mention.
Kung Fu is a way of life! Confidence isn't just about knowing you can defend yourself. It's about being able to walk with your head held high through any situation.